Events and Offerings

Throughout 2021, LBJ worked closely with the following organizations and artists: Curated by Chef Dobson, Bartram’s Garden, Sankofa Community Farm, Franny Lou’s Porch, BodyMind Consulting, Nyambi Naturals, Glover Gardens, Soil Generation, ClayKitchen Studio, and Asian Arts Initiative. We collaborated with BodyMind Consulting, Glover Gardens, Chef Laquanda Dobson, Franny Lou’s Porch, Soil Generation, and Nyambi Naturals to provide instructional content and/or meals for our events. Land Based Jawns remains accountable to our Philly community and works in deep relationship with these organizations to provide programming and events for Philadelphians. See below for some of our upcoming offerings.


Earthseed Skillshare

Date: August 2022
Duration: 8-10 days; 2-4 hours per day

Location: Philadelphia, PA

The Earthseed Skillshare is a four-month long training series where we highlight and hone in on many of the themes and skills present in Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower. Participants will learn traditional and natural agricultural methods; land based living skills such as shelter making, fire starting, identifying wild edible plants; carpentry skills such as building raised garden beds, tables, and shelves: safety skills such as self defense; self and community healing techniques taught by a somatic therapist.


Self-defense lessons

Title: Intro to Self-Defense and Situational Awareness
Date: Per request
Duration: 4 hours

Location: Zoom + In-person

Introduction to self-defense and situational awareness is a comprehensive course for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense. The course is a complete guide to understanding conflict avoidance and situational awareness; home security and home defense; handgun basics; shooting fundamentals; the physiology of violent encounters; the legal aspects of using deadly force (including knowing what to do in the aftermath); and a complete guide on gear, gadgets, and ongoing training.


Farm and Culinary Education

Date: Per request
Duration: 4-16 hours (over multiple days)

Location: Zoom or in-person

Learn some of the basics related to gardening and farming. These lessons include some historical context for community gardening in Philadelphia, especially within Black communities. After spending time in the garden, we will cook a meal together using fruits that we harvest.


Natural Building Workshops

Date: Per request
Time: 4-24 hours (over multiple days)

Location: In-person

LBJ partners with local organizations to offer raised garden bed and other natural building workshops. We will teach you how to safely work with lumber, screws, and power tools while having a good time together. Reach out for more information.

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