Operations and Finance Manager

Part-Time Position:

• 15 hours per week
• $35/ hour
• 6-month contract

Land Based Jawns is an organization rooted in Spirit and ancestral spiritual practices. We provide
education and training to Black women, femme, and non-binary people on agriculture, land-based
living, safety, and carpentry. We do so with a focus on self and community healing. Much off our work
and training is guided by the skills and lessons highlighted throughout the Parable of the Sower series by
Octavia Butler.

LBJ supports the various types of healing that we want to see in our Philly communities. Healing from
the impacts of white violence, healing in our relationships with each other, healing in and through
spirituality, and healing in our relationships with the Land. We spell out the connections between food
justice and health to help our communities become collectively self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-
determined. We believe in the power of food to literally heal our bodies.

LBJ is excited to welcome a Finance and Operations Manager to our growing team. The Manager will
work closely with LBJ’s Leadership team to refine and develop fiscal management systems that support
budget development, accounting, and reporting. In support of project implementation and operations,
the Manager will develop and update project plans, collaborate with community partners to develop and
execute contracts for services rendered, and manage logistics for associated events (booking rentals,
ordering materials/supplies, collaborating with vendors). The Manager will work with the leadership
team and staff to support other administrative functions as assigned.

Key Job Responsibilities:
•Work closely with Leadership team to develop, update, and balance annual budget
•Manage daily accounting and bookkeeping. Track all project expenses for each project/ grant:
        º scan and organize receipts
        º identify/establish an automated process to review actual expenditures
        º manage Quickbooks
        º create monthly and annual budget-to-actual reports to close books monthly/annually
•Develop and execute contracts for community partners delivering services for LBJ events;
organize contracts and other required paperwork (W9s, clearances, invoicing)
•Liaise with CPA to file annual tax forms and distribute 1099’s to contractors/consultant partners
•Renew insurance paperwork annually and submit required documents to comply with LLC regulations
•Manage application process for annual Earthseed Skillshare:
        º Automate the application process
        º Publish application and support applicant recruitment
        º Follow up with prospective applicants
        º Develop process to document and track engagement
        º Support reporting
•Manage logistics for all LBJ events:
        º Identify and book rentals
        º Coordinate with vendors to order and deliver supplies and event refreshments
        º Support development management of staffing plan for event implementation
•Lead volunteer identification and coordination
•Support event logistics plan: event set up, registration, break down, printing
•Maintain and keep current files for all projects organized by funding stream/grant; develop and update project plans

•Two years of relevant work experience; demonstrated success in small startup company or nonprofit organization
•Proficiency in Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Google G-Suite, a familiarity with online
applications, grant management systems
•In-depth knowledge of financial reporting standards
•Attention to detail
•Excellent verbal, communication, and interpersonal Skills
•Flexibility and comfort working in remotely and in a hybrid office
•Demonstrated interest and passion for advancing healing and justice for Black people and communities via land-based initiatives

To apply: Send resume and cover letter to landbasedjawns@gmail.com with subject “Operations and
Finance Manager Application”